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For those of you who dream of reading 100, 200, even 300 books this year, this page is about TWO things...

1. You'll learn what you'll get when you get the Insider Learning Masterclass

2. You'll see if the Masterclass is right for you...
Here are the requirements to join the class...
You have a list or stack of unread books you're dying to get through
You know you're capable of having a greater impact on the world
You're committed to taking action on what you'll learn, rather than just watching the videos
You can commit to reading at least 10 minutes a day, every day
Is this you?
Brandon Hakim
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Creator of Insider Learning
                I'm On A Quest To Give You The Education 
                              You Never Got In School.

                Four years ago, I ran into my dean’s office 
                and said...

                "I'm literally learning more from books I get 
                 on Amazon for five bucks than these college
                 classes that cost thousands of dollars each!"

                 When I walked out of her office, I swore I’d 
                 teach myself the things I should have 
                 learned in school, but didn't.

                 And I've spent the last 5 years perfecting 
                 a system that's let me read over ONE                                        THOUSAND books.
                 There's a whole world of information out 
                 there that can change every area of your 
                 life. But no professor will give it to you.

                 My mission is to help as many people as I
                 can access it...

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1. Shatter The 5 Monster Myths
2. Develop Your Reading Ritual
3. Create Your Curriculum
4. Master The Tools
5. Use The Framework
6. Ingrain Your Reading
7. Turn It Into Action
What's Inside The 300 Book Blueprint?
NOTE: twice the content for this section than available in any version of this course, anywhere else!
MODULE ONE: The 5 Monster Myths That Are Sabotaging Any Chance You Have of Reading 100 or More Books
► The difference between learning for knowledge and learning for action, and how to make sure you take advantage of this principle
Why reading is like a date, and why this will completely change how you read (and re-read) books
► The ONE CHANGE I made that let me go from reading a book a week, to an average of a book a day
NOTE: twice the content for this section than available in any version of this course, anywhere else!
MODULE 3: The 3 Part Plan To Getting Crystal Clear on What Books To Read (and which to avoid like the plague)
► Two lessons from Warren Buffett and Hippocrates on exactly what books you should be reading (and which to avoid)
 The Multiplier Effect:  The simple strategy you must use if you want to become an expert in any topic in a very short period of time
► Three rules to follow to know if a book will change your life...or be a waste of time (without even having to open the book!)
MODULE FOUR: 7 Simple Reading Tools You Can Use Today To Get Everything You Need Out of Any Book
 Tool #1: How To Cut Your Reading Time In Half with a trick so'll be surprised you weren't doing it all along
 Tool #2: How To Focus on What's Important (and ignore what's not)
Tool #7: How to INSTANTLY Double Your Reading Speed without learning to speed read
NOTE: twice the content for this section than available in any version of this course, anywhere else!
NOTE: twice the content for this section than available in any version of this course, anywhere else!
MODULE FIVE: The 5 Step Reading Framework To Getting Through Any Book In Record Time (while actually remembering what you read)
► The simple science of how your brain is designed to learn (and why it's the opposite of what we've been taught)
The "Layer Technique" to reading hundreds of pages in one sitting without painful hours hunched over a book
The ONE QUESTION you need to ask yourself before reading any book if you want to read it faster...and get more out of it! 
MODULE 6: How To Permanently Ingrain What You Read So It Becomes Part of Who You Are (not just something you can talk about)
 A Roman Orator's discovery about memory (and how using it can help you remember anything you want)
 The "Insider Ingraining System":  5 steps to go through when reading a book to "lock in" what you're reading into your brain
► How to understand the main points of a book in minutes better than most people do in hours!
NOTE: twice the content for this section than available in any version of this course, anywhere else!
NOTE: twice the content for this section than available in any version of this course, anywhere else!
MODULE SEVEN: How Exactly To Take Action on What You Read So You Can Use It To Live Your Dream Life
► The simple question to ask yourself that'll instantly let you know if you can use what you're reading...or not
The 3 Types of Action...and why it'd be foolish to not use all three!
► The ONE CHANGE you can make now that'll help you powerfully use books to move your life forward 
If - for any reason - you don't absolutely LOVE Insider Learning, 
just sent me an email at 

We'll immediately refund you 100% of the money you paid...and still let you keep the course. 

I aim to dramatically and permanently transform the life of every student of the course, and I just want you to try it.
how much does insider learning cost?
I've spent 5 years of my life perfecting this system. And have spent thousands of dollars along the way doing so.

Most courses like this cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. 

But I'm giving you Insider Learning for only $97. I'm doing it for two reasons...

1. It's a new course, and I want to reward you for your fast action

2. I want to make this accessible to anyone 

There isn't a single course, book or program like Insider Learning out there. It's an entirely new system. And you're getting it for only $97.
QUESTION: Why $97?
ANSWER: If you’re thinking "What’s the catch?", there is none.

We're making this available to new members like you because we know that when you go through the training and get a ton out of it, you're a lot more likely to open the value-packed emails we send you and be an active part of the Insider School community.

But that's it…

No fine print…Just a value-packed course to help you read more books.  
Question: How does this work?
ANSWER: The course is based on the premise that most of what we read is useless and shows you how to go through books strategically to actually learn what matters (and to stop wasting time reading things that don't).

Don't worry...we'll cover speed reading and show you how to double your reading speed too. But like we say in the course..."Strategic Reading is Greater Than Speed Reading"

Question: How is this different than other versions of the course on other sites?
ANSWER: Think of those courses like getting your college degree, and this one like getting your MBA.

QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?
ANSWER: YES! If you don't GET THROUGH YOUR UNREAD BOOKSHELF in 30 days (or even if you don't like the course for any reason), send me an email at

We'll immediately give you a refund...and still let you keep the course. We just want you to try it. 
QUESTION: How long will it take to get access?
ANSWER: You'll get access to the course Instantly.

We'll send you your login information to the email address you provide, and give you a link to login on the next page too.
QUESTION: What If I Don't Have An Unread Bookshelf?
ANSWER: Whether you have an unread bookshelf or not -- or even just a list of books you want to read -- ultimately, this course is all about reading the right books in the right way (better and faster).

As long as you'd like to read more books and get more out of your reading, this course is for you.
Question: What If I Don't Have Time To Read?
ANSWER: Albert Einstein said "If a person studies a subject for 15 minutes a day in a year he will be an expert. In 5 years he will be a national expert”. 

In the end, consistency is WAY more important than how long you spend reading. So regardless of how much time you have, we'll make sure you're consistent after going through this course. 
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