Upgrade Your Life.
Upgrade Your Life.
Get Bite-Sized, Actionable Insights From Top Personal-Development & Business Books Delivered Straight to Your Inbox
Get Bite-Sized, Actionable Insights From Top Business & Personal-Development Books Delivered Straight to Your Inbox
Does This Sound Like You?
You don't have the time or attention span to read a book
    You're tired of reading 90% fluff to find 10% gold
    You can't remember (or use!) what you read
    Here's How We Help...

    We do the hard work for you. We find the best business & personal development books, read them, take notes, and turn them into 5 minute videos sent to you every day

    We make it actionable. We give you instant access to just the takeaways you could use in your life today

    We cut the fluff. Think of these videos like a sharpened knife that cuts out the fat, and gives you the essential protein from each book

    We cover a range of topics so you can upgrade every area in your life -motivation, decision-making, finance, entrepreneurship, self development, habits, and more… 

    How It Works...
    "We send you a new video by 6 AM every morning, so you can start your day off with actionable lessons from books that make you feel good."
    Get short, actionable steps distilled from the most popular books delivered straight to your inbox Monday-Friday
    Learn more in a week than most people do in a year through traditional reading
    Supercharge your exposure to important and interesting insights you would never have learned otherwise
    What Makes This Different?
    It's Entertaining.  
    Each video is delivered to you in an engaging way, with enthusiasm. 
    It's Short. 
     You can easily squeeze a 5 minute video in while drinking your morning coffee, or between emails.
    It's Personal. 
    Think of this like sitting in a coffee shop, and having your friend tell you about the last great book he read.
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